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Hi Kenneth


Thanks very much for making the Craigleith Sizzle video – it’s queued up for this afternoon’s town hall and will be a great kick off to the meeting!


Much appreciated!




Natalie Bennett

Assistant General Manager
Craigleith Ski Club
705 445 3847 ext 222




The Oscar for best audio goes to… the Welcome Video


Hey Kenneth,

here on site and we went thru the test run of the video earlier and all worked well, everyone was blown away!

The audio was really spectacular sounding on the sound system, it was played really loud.

Rick was especially happy and excited about the soundtrack, you know him well, lol!

Just wanted to let you know, I filmed the test run but can’t yet download it from my company phone, I will try to send it to you asap.

Thanks for all your help!



As a Real Estate Developer focused in the Destination Resort business Studio 1128 was a true asset in helping our company understand the full potential of our offerings to both the public and private sector. Their "soft" but "to the business point" attitude has enabled us to target and capture the essence of what we have to offer. On time and on budget was a refreshing change for our Marketing Department also. We will definitely be using their services again.

Kudos- to 1128 and Thank you,

Kayleen A. Dunlap

CEO- Sugar Sand Beach Resorts & CC Land Development Company





I have worked with Studio 1128 for many years.  They did such a great job on my first web site. Both in making it and maintaining it.  They were able to get me to the top of every web search engines. I have had them create another web page for my new art work.  With there expertise they have enables me to reach more and more customers.  I would recommend them to anyone that wants to move their business forward.




Fantastic service! Great website and great graphic design. Helped us with out product presentation and putting up a website of 1000+ items. They got us on Amazon Seller and shot and set us up a great video / advertising campaign! Our business is booming - thanks!


Amazing company with a solid history of great work for SMB and enterprise level clients alike. I felt the rates were very competitive for the outstanding quality of work. Thanks Kenneth & team.

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