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We like making a lot of noise. Wether you need a podcast, audiobook, voiceover, or full music production and sound design - we've got the rhythm.

List of our Studio Services:

Soundtrack Design & Editing


Mixing & Mastering

Album Development 

Music Licensing

Writing and Lyric Development

Radio Ads/Commercials

Writing Assistance

Audiobook Recording & Mixing

Foley Track Recording

Original Beat Production

At Studio1128 we provide original sound design for all of our film and music projects. Our services include film scoring, musician and vocal recording, beat creation, narrative/audio books and special effects.



Our equipment is minimalist, yet top of the line. Our recording space is designed a bit differently. It is a place for inspiration and experimentation while also outfitted with an excellent standard of recording and listening quality. The capability to capture sound for any project you have in mind is possible at Studio 1128, and we also offer the opportunity to record video and create content based off those recordings should you choose to do so. 



Our Space

The environment of Studio 1128 is set up to allow for idea stimulation. Clients are offered a vibe that reflects comfort and taking their time to get it right. Step outside and sit by the fire for some reflection before taking on another recording, or simply sit back and listen to your takes in high quality surround sound with our professional team to confidently guide you in the right direction. 


Sound Design: Meet Our Team.

Studio1128 multimedia producer Kenneth Peter has been creating beats since he could beat the drums. With 15+ years experience as a music producer his library of beats is expansive enough to cater to any type of musician, but if you don't find what you're looking for in the boneyard of beats, he will be happy to whip up a new one designed personally for your style.

Everette Roze is a vocalist and 1128 head-writer with 12+ years experience in the field of studio produced content. She is the one writing this now. Hypnotizing you with her words so you read another line. If you need writing or vocalizing done right, she is definitely the woman you should see.


Have an idea of what your looking for?

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