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Studio1128's media experience includes developing websites for multi-billion dollar companies, as well as personal artist sites and exceptionally creative ecommerce (shopping cart) platforms. Our years of acquired talents in animation, special effects, 3D modeling and post production have become our most attributed asset for our success in web development, giving us an edge over the competitor. 

Whether you're a local shop looking to take your business online, or an entrepreneur ready to  share your work with the world, we take pride in developing websites that offer visitors a fluid design and a unique experience.


Our website development strengths lay in the pre-production process. Clearly understanding our clients vision and going to the drawing board to find the best possible solution to their digital needs. We have done and will always continue expanding our research into market trends, out of the ordinary user friendly experiences and modern advances in technology, in order to keep our clients sailing smoothly into the digital age. 

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