Whether it's a personal project or a team vision, cutting edge style and an eye for quality is key to your projects success. Keeping up with trends and technology, at 1128 our mission is always to unlock the full potential of your video by providing our unique experience, coupled with full understanding of your desired goal.


Our team has the passion required for every project undertaken to be a success. And as we continue to expand, the possibilities for both our clients and our bigger vision will evolve with certainty. 

Our film expertise spans from music videos to corporate pitches, from book trailers to mini-series. We have 15 years experience creating film content from original idea to finalized film for a wide variety of clients. 

While 1128 works both locally and Internationally, our mission remains the same: To provide the most exceptional content our clients can achieve. We are a medium size production company, meaning that we do not produce full length movies or series. Where Studio1128's video edge excels, is in Music Videos, Mini-series, Documentaries, Entrepreneurial pitches, and Book Trailers.

Our Film and Video Services Include:

Music Videos


Book Trailers


Post Production/Special Effects

Film Trailers

Entrepreneurial Videos

Storyboard Design

Foley and Soundtrack





Location Scouting

Studio1128 strives to create video work that will enlighten, entertain, & enrich. If you would like to speak with us about a possible project collaboration please contact us below to one of our team members.