Introduction: Part I

‘To attract and keep an audience art must entertain, but the significance of any art lays in its ability to express truths- to reveal and help us understand our world.’ –Bill Watterson

What is 1128?

In the year 1128AD Pope Honorius recognized and confirmed the order of the Knights Templar. In this decision there was a threefold division of ranks: the Templars, the aristocratic, and the lower-born sergeants and clergy. To follow this method of division was the original banking system that remains today, one that continues to take from the poor and supply the rich. Holding powers over individuals, and limiting artistic vision, which may make influential changes.

Studio1128 is a collision of two artistic minds that believe in changing the seemingly impossible. We do not seek out banks to help build our studio, and we believe the power of strategic thinking to use trade and talent, coupled with hard work and pay-off are the keys to expanding opportunity. Our mission is to be a creative and strengthening company through an uncompromising belief in self-sustainability. We aim to produce outstanding financial returns through creative and intelligent ideas, outperforming even our clients’ expectations. We are all about breaking boundaries, doing what hasn’t been done, original ideas, and creating every project with the intent to say something new. To expand minds. We understand that every artist or entrepreneur we work with offers something unique; a perspective that sets them apart from the competition- and we strive to show that to the world.


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