The Future of Studio1128

Grow the roots, and the seeds will spread.

Studio1128 is a facility where artists & professionals are given the ability to relax, study, interpret, collaborate and work together to create exceptional work for our clients that resonates truth and prosperity. Rather than partake in the usual high rise and often sterile styles of most production & recording studios, the future of Studio1128 lays in the vision for a community environment that’s proven to stimulate growth, collaboration, knowledge, and innovation while also providing the tools and equipment to bring ideas alive. Our future concept: While the front area will be open to the public in the form of a local store and lounge, the interior will house a library, premiere studio and gallery, culinary workspace, meeting area, and jam space. The 2nd floor provides the tools necessary for members of 1128 to collaborate between varying artistic mediums, finalize client work and distribute both in-house and globally using syndicated networks.

Studio1128 is founded on the idea of hard work and passion. To be a part of the team you must also partake in these ideals. The studio will flourish by providing clients only the best, never stopping until the vision is exceeded, and using unique ideas to form groundbreaking solutions.

Studio1128 will not be built on loans or grants. But with our exceptional work and great client relations. With independence, our minds are as free as our capabilities.

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