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Digital Multimedia & Music Producer

Kenneth Peter

Kenneth has extensive knowledge in all aspects of digital production. He also has a keen ear for sound and is experienced in all areas of sound design, recording, arrangement, composition and mixing. Projects in the past have required skill sets ranging from compositing entire FX shots including recording and designing sound, to building state of the art user interface modules for military defense. Having been immersed in all aspects of production his whole life, Kenneth continues to develop his skills and gain professional experience with his recent move back to the cooler climate where he belongs.

Passions include: Piano & drums, exploring new landscapes - on foot and by train, the great outdoors, digital technologies, filmmaking & visual fx, sound design, record production, audio engineering, growing food, small batch kentucky bourbon and woodworking.

See his personal portfolio:


Writer & Vocalist

T. Everette Roze

Throughout film school Everette worked as a writer, editor and producer to provide content for well-known music artists and television networks. Everette joined  Studio1128 to become head writer, vocalist and creative director in 2013.


She has worked with MTV, TruTV, XBoX and many talented Artists in the making, to write and produce music and/or script-based content. 

Passions include: Writing fiction, wood working, guitar,  adventure, creating music, fires and snow. 


See her personal portfolio:

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